Cedars Network

Since the onset of the Syrian conflict in 2011, the fallout has been staggering: over 5 million Syrians have sought refuge in neighbouring nations, with millions more internally displaced. Described by UNHCR's High Commissioner, Filippo Grandi, as "the most significant humanitarian and refugee crisis of our era," the repercussions are profound. Families grapple with the trauma of war, many adults face work restrictions, and countless children are deprived of education.

Cedars Network emerged from a profound sense of concern and compassion for the Syrian plight. Witnessing the devastation firsthand and hearing poignant tales of loss and displacement, the founders were driven to action. Their vision was clear: to holistically address the multifaceted needs of affected individuals and communities. They embarked on a mission to foster healing and restoration, targeting the physical, mental, and spiritual scars left by war and trauma.

The organization is dedicated to constructing a robust network of dedicated teams, all working collaboratively to uplift Syrian communities. Their initiatives span various vital sectors, including education, healthcare, business, and infrastructure. Recognizing the dire circumstances faced by many Syrian families as they integrate into new environments, Cedars Network strives to bridge gaps in essential medical and wellness services. Given the prolonged civil strife, the organization emphasizes timely and comprehensive care, ensuring that both physical injuries and emotional traumas are addressed with sensitivity and expertise.

Why Cedars Network?

Driven by her experiences as a midwife volunteering abroad, Stefanie felt a strong desire to keep helping in her humanitarian efforts. In early 2021, she collaborated with a close friend and fellow midwife, who is actively engaged overseas, aiding Syrian refugees through the ProMed initiative of Cedars Network.

A portion of each purchase goes directly to supporting Cedars Network, an organization that resonates deeply with her values. This commendable initiative is dedicated to delivering essential healthcare to Syrian refugees, placing a particular emphasis on supporting expectant mothers.

For a deeper dive into their impactful work, explore their official website.